Advanced Communicator Series – The Professional Speaker

This Saturday morning I will be presenting the first project from the Advanced Communicator manual, The Professional Speaker. I guess the first thing to point out would be that once I’m done with this manual, no one will expect me to go out and become a professional speaker right away, but I will have a small window of insight on what the professionals do to prepare for different types of presentations. I like this manual already, because it has forced me to really work on a speech, do some research and think very deeply about what I want to accomplish. I have been pushing myself more with this presentation than I have with any other I’ve done in recent years with the exception of the contest speeches.

I have also been forced to innovate a little. The advanced club I am attending on Saturday, does not have access to power point, so I’m going to try something a friend of mine told me about. He suggested using this blog to put up links to different things I’ll be referring to during the speech and at the very beginning have everyone take out their I-phones and come to this site. It’s an interesting idea and I am excited to try it out, although I don’t know how it will go over. I believe there will be no middle ground here. I think the audience will either love it or hate it. They may love it because they will be able to control the “slide show” as they wish. They could hate it because they may see it as a distraction.

Project number 1 is “The Keynote Address” and it will be a role play. I will be giving my Keynote to the imaginary version of the fall conference of the Decoding Dyslexia PA organization; a non-profit group which works to spread awareness of Dyslexia in our school systems and work places and also lends support to parents of dyslexic children. I chose this topic because I, myself, am dyslexic and would love to help spread awareness as well. In fact, four out of five speeches from The Professional Speaker will be on the topic of Dyslexia.

I must admit that in my dreams, or delusions depending on your perspective, I do see my future self as a dyslexia activist and a motivational speaker. I see these projects as a chance to test the waters in my own mind and heart to see if it could be a good fit. Ultimately the Holy Spirit has the last word in what I will do, but I hope to have some fun and learn a bit on the way.


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