The Postponement

The 2012 Area 13 International Speech Contest was supposed to be on March 19th, but because of scheduling difficulties, it had to, not only be moved back to the April 5th, it also had to be moved to Allentown, which is about an hour drive from where I live.  The reason it was moved there was because a joint contest with Areas 18 and 23 where already scheduled.  Area 13 would be able to plug into the already existing contest pretty seamlessly with very little extra planning involved.


I have been a little concerned about giving my speech at the Area contest and then giving the very same speech for the division contest in front of virtually the same group.  I was particularly worried about the area 16 speaker who is not in the contest on April 5th.   However this is what Toastmasters is all about.  This is what competing in the Toastmasters International Speech Contest is all about.  We are presented with problems or perceived problems and we must make adjustments on the fly.


After thinking about the challenge, I realized this is actually a good situation.  First of all, part of the answer to my dilemma is built into the problem.  Some of my Mentors will be there and, assuming I win, I will be able to sit down with them and find out what I need to improve on.  The added pressure of finding a way to wow practically the same audience with the same speech will force me to reach deeper into my heart and soul and find powerful solutions.  In the end, if all of the contestants play their cards right, this situation will make for a great Division E contest on April 26.


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